Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Are you going to San Francisco?

I (Kurt) am off to sunny (hopefully) San Francisco for 10 days of work surrounding issues of youth, homelessness and housing with a terrific group of 12 Dartmouth Undergraduates.  As a group of Muslims, Jews, Christians, and non-religious folks we'll explore what it means to put Faith into action, examine our motivations to serve others, and explore community within our small, dedicated, religiously diverse group.  And hopefully we'll do some good while we're at it.  We'll work with a variety of agencies and non-profits on the ground building housing, serving meals, urban farming, organizing clothing and painting walls, supporting kids, cleaning and all sorts of other glamorous things.

This is, for me and our group, a tremendous opportunity each year to connect to a new community, and form unique bonds within our own community.  No classes or duties outside of being, working, and reflecting together.

Wish us luck, and safe travels.  I will attempt to explore the wonders of mobile blogging a couple of times from the ground.  And feel free to check in with us and all of the Tucker Foundation's service trips HERE over the next few days.

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