Thursday, March 24, 2011

A rainy, thankful morning

More from Kurt:

We'll work this afternoon with Hamilton Family Center, cleaning and organizing, and then offering a Spring Break send-off for their young residents.  I had visions of using the morning to explore or perhaps even go for a jog.  But instead I awoke to driving wind and rain, and decided to stay in, catch up on email, rest and read.  (And yes, I confess I watched a little Netflix).

And I was extremely thankful in each of these moments for a roof and a bed and plumbing, and food.  And I wondered how the lines outside Glide were faring.  And I hoped the drop in center at Larkin St. was full of young people taking refuge.  And I prayed for those who I've seen and met who are not so fortunate as I.  Poverty exists everywhere I've lived and worked, but it's still easy to take for granted such daily necessities.  Proximity and involvement here certainly breed a kind of gratitude, alongside the angst and sadness and anger.

We've served 5 days, with two to go.
Learned about 4 organizations seeking change, with two to go.  Been on the ground for 7 days, with two to go.  Eaten 7 dinners together, with two to go.  Had countless conversations and chances to reflect, structured and unstructured, with but a few more to go.  It's flown by for me and I'm thankful for all we've seen and learned so far. 

I'm thankful that our biggest medical issue so far was a cut courtesy of a shrimp tail.  I'm thankful not that we haven't seen conflict, but that we've talked through it and learned from it.  I'm thankful for a terrific group of students who have taught me much.  I'm thankful that our collective culinary skills are better than expected.  I'm thankful for occasional quiet nights of sleep. 

I'm thankful for all those good people on the ground seeking to effect change, and offer meaningful service to those in need.  And I'm thankful for their willingness to open their doors and arms to us.  I'm thankful to Audrey from Larkin, to David and Bruce and Bobby (and Paul) from Glide, to Debbie from Hamilton, to tree and Paige from the free farm.  To all our friends at Zaytuna and Cal's MSA.  To all those who have made our trip work so very well.

And I'm thankful for the rain, and all it makes me consider.  But I still want it to clear up.

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