Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why I'm Going - Kurt Nelson

My summer vacation is coming to an end soon.  During my last free week, I'll be heading down to DC to participate in some civil disobedience.  I'll post a few reflections here when I can.  Feel free to find me on the Facebook if you want more consistent updates. 
 (You can read more about the movement here ) 
I've not done anything like this before.  And you may ask, "Why am I taking the train to DC to be arrested?"
I’m going because I hope I can help convince our President that building a transnational oil tube between Houston TX and the Alberta Tar Sands is a bad idea.  I’m going because I think we shouldn’t be mining one of the world’s largest carbon sinks by uprooting one of the world’s largest forests.  And I’m going because I don’t think we should make access to this particularly dirty oil sand cheaper, easier and faster.  And I’m going because lots of people still don’t know that this discussion is happening.
I’m going because I believe I’m called to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly.  And I’m going because I think that means not radically altering the chemistry of our atmosphere.  I’m going because I think it’s time for our communities to wake up to the ill effects of our lifestyles and oil addictions have, not only on trees and landscapes and wildlife, but on people.  And I’m going because I think it’s long past time for communities of faith to take the lead on the care and stewardship of our fragile planet.
But most of all I’m going because I fear we’ve become convinced that we can’t live without cheap oil.  Convinced that success and health and happiness means a growing, oil-heavy economy.  And as a Christian, as a Chaplain, and as a citizen, I think we have a different story to tell.  A story about how “life abundant” doesn’t mean more stuff and bigger houses and faster cars and 2 dollar/gallon gasoline.  A story about how community and family and joy and life are about so much more.
I’m going because I think we need a sane national policy on greenhouse emissions.  I’m going because I think this is a fight worth fighting.  I’m going because I hope we can help our President and our country to take a small step – a step toward a nation and an economy built on sustaining our most cherished ideals and providing for those in need.  A step toward a future in which our children and grandchildren can play and enjoy the world and live and thrive, as we have.  A step toward living as we are meant to, as seekers of justice and stewards of goodness.
I’m going because I’ve thought about it and prayed about it.  I’m going because I respect the leaders of the climate movement.  I’m going because I can.  And I’m excited and scared and intrigued.  I’m going because I hope we can build the collective will to do better.
I’m going because I think this is a big deal.  And I’m going because I’m not going to give up hope that we can do better.

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