Saturday, March 24, 2012

Finding God at the Washington Monument

Phoebe Reid '15

Cherry blossoms arched overhead, masking the warm night sky above as we trekked down the mall. Imposing stone monuments of governance and our country’s greatness flanked the sides of our journey, as our faith carried us on.

My frustrations about faith and belief were aired and vulnerabilities revealed. The Buddhas teachings and 7 Unitarian Universalist principles swarmed around a lack of a higher power and questions emerged.

Where does someone not raised in a religious tradition find God?

“On this walk, before we get to the monument”

“Yes, I’ll find God at the Washington Monument”

God wasn't there.

Instead I found a family at the monument.
Fourteen souls that have awakened me to the potential that one life can have in the world of service and faith. I have gained more true friends in a short 10 days than in much of my time at Dartmouth. The family of this trip has lead to more fascinating conversations, late night laughs, and deep introspection than I could possibly imagine.

I'll continue my search for a higher power beyond the Washington Monument but I’ll always hold the night beneath cherry blossoms and my multi-faith family in my heart.

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